📣 What's new in Karmly - 1.2.0

October 19, 2022

Help Tooltips

We have added numerous help tooltips throughout Karmly to provide more context and clarity on how the system works.

Resume placeholders

The resume builder has been updated to have more context-friendly placeholders.

Fixes and Improvements

  • iOS scrolling issue - Fixed an issue that prevented users from scrolling through their time when using an iOS mobile device.

  • Seen notifications - Fixed an issue that prevented the red dot from disappearing in some cases when notifications are viewed.

  • Negative effort on Tasks - Added a restriction that prevents tasks from having a negative effort.

  • Expense feedback - Update the expense list to correctly update when an expense is deleted.

  • App-wide time - A further update to ensure all components are updated when time is edited or deleted.

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