🚀 What's new in Karmly - 1.4.0

November 24, 2022

Share tasks with co-workers

We’ve levelled up the co-worker experience in Karmly. You can now collaborate on tasks with your co-workers! Easily manage & assign the jobs that need to be done to complete your projects.

Shared Task - Karmly

New and improved timer widget on mobile

Give deeper context to the time you are tracking with the new and improved mobile timer widget. Clicking on the widget will prompt you to record a note about what you are doing before starting the timer.

Karmly Mobile Timer Widget

Fixes and Improvements

  • Stay signed in - Karmly will keep you signed in while you have an active clock running.

  • Optional invoice recipient - A recipient is no longer required on an invoice unless it is being sent. All other actions can be performed without needing to add a recipient.

  • Additional date formats - Date inputs throughout Karmly have been updated to accept a wider range of date formats.

  • Invoice line description - Fixed an issue that stopped long invoice line descriptions from showing correctly on downloaded invoices.

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