⌚ A new way to see time! - 1.5.0

December 08, 2022

A new way to see time

Check out the new time tabs on tasks, projects and co-workers to get a consolidated view of the work that everyone in your team is doing.

Task Modal Time

Track your tasks

Use the estimated and actual effort feature in the task view to quickly identify which of your tasks are falling behind or being overdone.

Estimated vs Actual Effort

See who’s online

Your co-workers now have an active indicator, so you can easily see when someone is working with you, making communication super easy!

Active Co-worker Indicator

Fixes and Improvements

  • Subscription agreement - Fixed an issue that prevented some users from agreeing to the FlexiTime subscription agreement.

  • Task activity feed - Removed the ‘Time Recorded’ activity feed items, this information can be found in the new time tab.

  • Save modal - Changed the behaviour of the cancel button to stop the save modal from popping up.

  • Task name auto-focus - Removed the autofocus on the task name input when opening the task modal.

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