💼 Project & Co-worker updates - 1.6.0

February 08, 2023

Co-worker Payments

We’ve made it super easy to know how much you owe your co-workers. Every time you invoice a client for work where a co-worker was involved, Karmly will automatically generate a co-worker payment. This will automatically appear in your co-workers account, so they don’t need to lift a finger to invoice you for their time!

Co-worker Payments

Co-worker Messaging

Improve communication and collaboration with co-workers with the new live messaging feed on tasks.

Co-worker Messaging

Complete your projects

Mark your projects as completed to keep your list of work current and clutter-free.


We’ve introduced a new menu item into Karmly for everything financial. Under “Accounting” you’ll find your invoices, expenses and, if you’re working with others, co-worker payments.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Stop clock delay - Fixed a delay that was occurring when clicking "stop" on a running clock.

  • Error editing time entries - Fixed an error that prevented multiple time entries from being edited one after the other.

  • Clocks without time entries - Resolved a bug that occasionally prevented clocks from creating a time entry.

  • Résumé photo quality - New accounts will now have higher quality resume images.

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